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Steel Ladder

1.Steel grating is adopted for steel ladder as stair treads. The product complies with the international standard of 02J401. We offer the finished products with easy installation. Hot dip zinc treatment guarantees easy maintenance. 

 2.Specification of steel ladder


3.Specification table for steel ladder:

    1. Inclined ladder A adopts steel grating for its side beam while inclined ladders B and D is the side beam of channel steel. Inclined ladder D has a platform on its top. 

    2. For form and type of ladder rung for steel grating, refer to stair tread. 

    3. For detailed structure and size of steel ladder, refer to <<02J401Collective Drawing for Construction Steel Ladder>>. 

    4. When the angle of steel ladder exceeds 45 degree, the upright column of steel ladder rail should be vertically installed with side beam of the ladder. 

    5. Straight ladders and straight ladders with protective cage can be available as per <<02J401Collective Drawing for Construction Steel Ladder>>.





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