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aluminum grating

aluminum grating

Aluminum grille ceiling process, operation process

1. determine a good height, with a fountain playing in the high line the walls


(2) the expansion of iron bolt fixed to the top of the hanging bars, hanging bars below the level of the fixed metal frame to maintain (if not more than 3 meters span grid does not need the hanging bars)

3, with concrete nails to nail aluminum moldings along the horizontal well

4 aluminum grille to put on the ground to fight a complete set of

5 to set a good fight on the aluminum angle iron grid ceiling above the middle of the bar with a fine wire directly on the metal frame.

⑴ elastic line

With the water level in the room each wall (column) ferreted out the corner of the level of point (if the wall is longer, the middle copy should also be appropriate several points), pop-up level lines (lines from the ground level is generally 500 mm), the standard line from design capacity to ceiling height, with a chalk line along the wall (column) pop standard line, that is, under the covered wire ceiling grille. Meanwhile, according to the ceiling plan, roof pop up in the concrete position of the main keel. Main keel from the center to both sides of the sub-ceiling, the maximum spacing of 1000 mm, and a fixed point marked boom, boom of the fixed-point spacing of 900 mm to 1000 mm. Case of beams and pipes fixed point is greater than the design requirements and procedures, the fixed point of the boom should be increased.


⑵ hanging rods fixed

The use of expansion bolt hanging rods. Can ф6 the boom. Boom can be used cold drawn steel and round steel plate, but with a round steel plate should be straightened mechanically. Boom end with L30 * 30 * 3 Corner welding (aperture angle code should be based on the diameter of boom and expansion bolts to determine) the other end can be set out more than 100 mm tapping the screw, you can also buy the finished product screw welding. Production of a good anti-rust treatment should be done boom, boom with expansion bolts fixed to the floor, and with the impact hammer drilling, expansion bolt hole should be slightly larger than the diameter.

⑶ metal frame installation

Metal frame should be hanging in the boom (such as a lower ceiling can be omitted in this process, proceed to the next procedure). Generally use 38 light steel keel, spaced 900 mm to 1000 mm. Metal frame should be parallel to the long room to install, but should also bagging, bagging height of the room span of 1 / 200 to 1 / 300. Metal frame of the cantilever section should not exceed 300 mm, or should increase the boom. Main keel docking should be taken to take a long, adjacent to the keel of the butt joints staggered. Light steel keel hung after basic leveling.

Span greater than 15m above the ceiling should be the main keel, at intervals of 15m plus a large keel and perpendicular to the main keel welded solid.

⑷ spring installation: connect with the boom and the metal frame (such as a lower ceiling can be installed directly on the boom spring omitted on this process), pitch 900 mm to 1000 mm, and then spring the boom on the cards .

⑸ grille assembly of primary and secondary bone

The grille of the main and the bone below the requirements of pre-installed according to design drawings better.

⑹ grille installed

Will be preloaded with a good grid ceiling hook lift through the hole in the main bone, the whole ceiling grid connection, the level can be adjusted to.