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U-Type Cover dimentions

"Rising" drainage trench cover is widely used in the urban road,the square,the botanical garden,the wharf,the airport,the parking lot,the road,each kind of industry,the civil project,etc.



  1. This product has high load-bearing capacity and good anti- impact property.

  2. Cover and frame are joined by hinge. It is anti-theft, safe and easily open.

  3. Large area for water leakage with hot dip galvanizing surface treatment,attractive and durable.

  4. Order instruction:Please strictly choose types according to requirements or make inquires from our company's business staff.Customers can choose types according to their requirements for different load and span.If customers choose improper specifications and types in order to reduce the investment,they will be responsible for them.

Besides adopting drainage trench covers with standard type, customers can also choose relevant types of steel grating to make drainage trench cover according to different load and span. 


UGG II 1.5-255

UGG - Symbol of U-type trench cover
II - Symbol of load bearing type
    Type II - Allowed load is 14 tons
    Type III - Allowed load is 6tons  
    Type IV - Allowed load is 2 tons 
    Type  V - It is suitable for pedestrian
1.5 - Trench width is 150mm
255 - Bearing bar size is 25×5 mm

U-type Trench cover Dimensions