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Plug welding steel grating

 Plug welding steel grating: 

also known as plug-in steel grating, it is made of a certain size of ordinary carbon flat steel, stainless steel, brass plate, aluminum plate through slotting (hole), plug-and-socket, welding, finishing and other processes manufactured. The plug-in steel grating covers the characteristics of high strength, anti-corrosion and maintenance-free of ordinary steel grating, and has the characteristics of uniform and precise combination, light and exquisite structure, natural harmony and elegant style. This product can be widely used in gutter cover, stair tread, pool cover.
Plug steel grating classification
Types of plug-in steel grating can be divided into four types: plug-in steel grating classification: according to different insertion methods and different insertion angles, it can be divided into pressed steel grating, heavy-duty steel grating, integral steel grating, sunshade steel grating, etc.
1. Press-type plug-in steel grating: After cutting the bearing flat steel, the cross-bar flat steel is press-locked and formed. Generally speaking, the maximum processing height of ordinary steel grating is 100mm. The length of steel grating is usually less than 2000mm.
2. The heavy-duty plug-in steel grating is a kind of steel grating product in which the high flat steel and the horizontal bar flat steel are interlocked and pressed under the pressure of 1200 tons. It is suitable for occasions with high span and high load.
3. The load-bearing flat steel and the cross-bar flat steel of the integral plug-in steel grating have the same height and the groove depth is 1/2 of the load-bearing flat steel. The height of the steel grating is not more than 100mm. The length of steel grating is usually less than 2000mm.
4. Shade type plug-in steel grating: The bearing flat steel of the sunshade type plug-in steel grating has a 30° or 45° inclined groove, and the groove rod flat steel is slotted and pressed to form. We can deliver gratings with other spacing and specifications according to different needs, and can use ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials. The height of the grid plate is less than 100mm.
Features and Applications
The plug-in steel grating has many characteristics such as firm solder joints, uniform hole spacing, flat mesh surface, beautiful design, practical and lightweight, high-strength anti-corrosion, maintenance-free, etc. It is now widely used in civil and commercial buildings, theaters, subways, urban railways, etc. In the field of engineering, it can be used for suspended ceilings, interior and exterior decoration, platform walkways, ventilation windows (wells), advertising plaques, various cover plates, etc. The welding point of the plug-in grid plate is firm, the hole spacing is uniform, the mesh surface is flat, the design is beautiful and practical, it is not only a product for use, but also a work of art. favor. Plug-in steel gratings are widely used in factory halls, theaters, shopping malls, ceilings or interior decoration, and can also be used in platform walkways.