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Advantages and disadvantages of cold drawn flat steel. Advantages and disadvantages of cold drawn flat steel

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Advantages and disadvantages of cold drawn flat steel. Advantages and disadvantages of cold drawn flat steel
Cold drawn flat steel spot sales, detailed introduction of cold drawn flat steel
Cold-drawn flat steel is the use of cold extrusion technology to pull out various high-precision, smooth-surface round steel, square steel, flat steel, hexagonal steel and other special-shaped steels through precise molds. Cold-drawn flat steel products have the following advantages: Diversity of shapes and specifications By designing different shapes of molds, cold-drawn steel with different cross-sectional shapes and different specifications tolerances can be cold drawn. The angle can be designed to be right or round.
The surface of cold drawn flat steel is smooth    Advanced cold extrusion technology makes the surface of cold drawn steel products smooth and bright. Material saving   The cold drawing process is to cold extrude the raw materials to achieve the required shape, specifications and tolerances. The loss of raw materials is minimal. Compared with the materials consumed by traditional lathe machining and cutting, the material saved by cold drawn steel is Very considerable, especially when the amount of material is large, the saving of material cost is more significant. Processing time and processing machinery savings  Because of the accuracy and good surface condition, cold drawn steel products can be used directly, such as spraying, sanding, bending, drilling, or direct electroplating after fine drawing according to actual requirements, eliminating a large number of machines Processing time and saving the cost of configuring processing machinery.
Cold drawn flat steel products are widely used in: Mechanical equipment: woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, paper machinery, glass machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic machines, etc.; electrical product components: motor shaft, fan shaft , Sewing machine shafts, etc.; Furniture: especially exported metal furniture, such as coffee tables, chairs, outdoor furniture; Metal appliances: garden tools, barbecue grills, screwdrivers, anti-theft locks, etc.; Small hardware parts: such as guide rails, machine keys, nuts, Screws, round nails, hexagonal nails, octagonal nails and various standard parts of different specifications, etc.; automobile and motorcycle spare parts, etc.
Cold-drawn flat steel stock specifications: Φ3 Φ4 Φ5 Φ6 Φ7 Φ8 Φ9 Φ9.5 Φ10 Φ11 Φ12 Φ12.7 Φ14Φ15 Φ16Φ17 Φ18 Φ19 Φ20 Φ21Φ22 Φ23 Φ24 Φ2540 Φ32 Φ45 Φ45 Φ35 Φ36 The specifications of Fang Steel's regular stock: 4*4 5*5 6*6 7*7 8*8 9*9 9.5*9.5 10*10 12*12 13*13 14*14 15*15 16*16 19*19 20 *20 22*22 25*25 30*30 32*32 35*35 18*18 40*40 45*45 50*50 60*60... Light-cooled drawn flat steel (electroplating material) standing stock specifications: 3* 20 4*20 4*25 4*30 4*40 4*50 4*60 5*20 5*255*30 5*40 5*50 5*60 6*20 6*256*30 6*40 6*50 6*60 8*20 8*25 8*30 8*40 8*45 8*50 8*60 8*70 10*20 10*258 10*30 10*35 10*40 10*50 10*60 10* 65 10*70 10*80 10*100 12*20 12*20 12*25 12*30 12*35 12*40 12*50 12*60 12*65 12*70 12*80 12*100 15*20 15 *25 15*30 15*30 15*50 15*60 15*70 15*80 20*30 20*35 20*40 20*50 20*60 20*70 20*80 25*30 20*35 20*40 20*50 20*60 20*70 20*80
Cold drawn flat steel stock materials are: q195, q235, q345b, 20#, 35#, 45#, 40Cr, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, 45CrMo, 30CrMo, 20CrMo, 15CrMo, 20Cr, GCr15, 65Mn and other materials due to low market demand. Various non-standard specifications and special material cold drawn steel can be customized according to customer requirements.